Reimagining Community


Making Meaningful Connections Conversation with Jonathan Massimi ~ March 12, 2019 About every six weeks for the last five years, John and Peter have hosted online / dial-up conversations with community-building pioneers as their guests. For their March 12, 2019 dialog they invited the Rev. Jonathan Massimi to talk about how his work has [...]

Community Adhesive: A Discussion on the Work of Aristotle and John McKnight


I love reading, unfortunately, I can’t commit to reading one book for an extended period, thus leaving many suspended mid-chapter. Outside of cluttering my nightstand, such a practice allows me to bring a variety of thinkers into unlikely conversation. A recent conversation featured Aristotle and John McKnight. Surprisingly, I found a strange affinity between [...]

Man of the cloth takin’ it to the streets


Shared from Original article. An ordained Anglican minister and a photographer walk into a coffee shop… It’s not a joke; rather it was a great way to follow up a crack-of-dawn photo shoot a few blocks away down King Street. Further on my talking-with-strangers exploration, I had just briefly met Reverend Jonathan Massimi (above) [...]

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